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Guides Filter - All-In-1 SSF

플랫폼: PC (최종 유효 버전: 3.15.3b)
작성자: : stevendeng
마지막 업데이트 : 2021. 9. 11. 오후 11:00:35

Hey Everyone! This is a SSF filter for those that are playing my guide(s) and only want guide-specific gear to show. It'll give you a nice variety of options with gear while you level without having an overwhelming screen. This filter only filters gear. It shows ALL other types of drops (like Currency, Maps, Divination Cards, quality flasks and gems, obvious crafting recipes, etc.). You won't miss a thing. The filter is visually designed to help you recognize immediately (and easily) what has dropped and if you want it. If you're curious about the details of the filter's setup, I've explained it within the filter itself, at the top. Thanks for stopping by!